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The Offshore Wind Podcast

Global Wind Energy Council

Welcome to the Offshore Wind Podcast, hosted by Stewart Mullin and David Lenti! Offshore wind is one of the world’s fastest growing energy sources, with strong year on year growth expected across the next few decades. Many nations are banking on offshore wind to play a major role in reaching their decarbonization and sustainability targets and helping their economies recover from the COVID-19 crisis. On the technology front, turbines are bigger and more powerful than ever, offshore wind farm capacity factors continue to rise and we are seeing a surge of interest from oil and gas giants seeking to transition their businesses away from fossil fuels, as well as increased competition from the developers who have championed offshore wind from day one.New markets in Asia, the Americas, and eventually Africa, accelerated growth in Europe, the rise of floating offshore wind and increasing interest in power-to-x solutions, are creating the basis for unprecedented growth in the industry. The offshore wind podcast series looks at the issues facing the offshore wind industry today, and opportunities for tomorrow.
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